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The many uses of a hood and why you need one

The hoods make our lives easier in the kitchen, but they don’t get all the recognition that they deserve. A hood is a very useful tool at home, and it can do a lot more for us than we think. You just need to know how to make the most of it. Sometimes they are so silent we don’t even remember they are there, but they play a main role in the kitchen, both small and large ones, and in other rooms. We want to show you the many uses of a hood because they can turn your kitchen and home into the place you are looking for.

Particles in motion

The main use of a hood is to remove smoke, but what we don’t know is how important it can be to keep the atmosphere fresh while we cook. There are many grease particles and other particles from food in the air while we heat it, for instance, when we fry it. Your hood absorbs all those fumes and particles—up to 98% if we talk about grease—and filters them to prevent toxic air from reaching you or your family.

Bye bye, bad odors

One of the benefits that come to mind when we think about a kitchen hood. Opening the window when we are cooking is a good idea, but it is not very efficient if we want to remove odours. They are annoying not only while we spend time in the kitchen, but also right after. Our hair and clothes often have food odours. Any kind of odour goes to any part of a house easily, and you probably have experienced that when frying chicken or something similar. The hood set us free from funny smells. And if you don’t even have a window, having a hood is a must.

Air purification

As we said above, the hood removes toxic particles while we cook. Or when any other smoke takes over the kitchen. With some hoods, you just need to push a button to refresh the air in your kitchen completely in a few minutes, removing noxious gases like carbon monoxide. And breathing clean air in an unpleasant atmosphere makes quite a difference. In other words, a hood is good not only for your kitchen but also for your health. With functions like Fresh-Air, your appliance creates the nicest of atmospheres, even if you are celebrating a birthday with 12 people in small space flat.


Remove the heat

A hood helps to chill the high temperatures in your kitchen. It is not common for air conditioners to reach the kitchen, and heat can reach 40 C° degrees or more. Our hood will help us with it and will control the temperature while we cook, even if we are boiling or frying food.

Sizes and spaces

You can find many types of hoods to fit different needs in small or large kitchens. From big kitchens to open spaces, there is a hood for you. And there are also many models and styles. vertical, built-in… even modular hoods next to the hob, like the MasterSense hob with a high power of extraction. In this case, we talk about an integrated extractor hood in the hob with an easy and quick installation on one side of the hob. It has nine different speed levels, plus an extra one when you need it. This hood minimises noise and performs in silence, and it can also work independently to refresh the air in the kitchen and your whole home every hour.

Lights, action!

We all love the hood’s light. It is one of the many and most common uses of a range hood. Anytime you go to the kitchen to grab something you probably turn on the hood light before the ceiling light. It is perfect when we cook to see if everything is in the right place. Sometimes this type of light became the most used at home. And if we talk about LED then we are also being respectful with the planet.

Busting myths about hoods

It is hard and messy to clean
Wrong. Look for a hood with filters you can remove and wash in the dishwasher. It’s that easy. Besides, the filters will stay with you for a long time with the best performance.

They are noisy
Absolutely not. Now, you can find hoods with a practically imperceptible noise level thanks to the latest generation of motors. You probably know people who make more noise when they sleep on their backs than your hood will make when it is working at full capacity.

They consume a lot of energy
Wrong. If you choose the right hood, it can consume up to 75% less energy than an ordinary range hood. Remember also that, if you clean your hood regularly, you are also helping it to consume less energy, optimizing it's use.
Finding a hood for your kitchen that you can use for years is easy. It is one of the best investments at home with everyday results and one of the elements that help us most to keep our kitchen clean. If you still have any doubts, you can consult our buying guide to find out which hood to buy and the one that best suits you.

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