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Fast to dry hands hygienically with HEPA filtered air

Dyson AirbladeTM hand dryers help businesses save on costs, washroom space, CO2 emissions and paper waste.

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Wash and dry your hands at the sink with Airblade™ technology

  • Dry time: 14 seconds¹

  • Noise level: 80dB

  • Rated power: 1,000W

  • Dimensions: W 11.94 in (303 mm) x D 12.25 in (312 mm)

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Fast energy efficient HEPA-filtered hand dryer

  • Dry time: 10-12 seconds¹

  • Noise level: 77dB in Eco mode

  • Rated power: 900W (Max), 650W (Eco)

  • Dimensions: H 19.69 in (500 mm) x W 17.72 in (450 mm) x D 4 in (100 mm)


Engineered for hygienic performance. Designed for compact spaces.

  • Dry time: 12 seconds¹

  • Noise level: 79dB

  • Rated power: 1,000W

Dimensions: H 15.51 in (394 mm) x W 9.21 in (234 mm) x D 4 in (100 mm)


Dry with HEPA-filtered air


Damp hands can transfer up to 1000x more bacteria than dry hands.2 Studies show that Dyson Airblade™ hand dryers can reduce bacteria on hands by up to 40%.3


Unlike many other hand dryers, Dyson Airblade™ hand dryers feature HEPA filters as standard, capturing 99.95% of particles4 from the washroom air that passes through the filter.


Dry your hands with HEPA purified air, not dirty air.

Touch-free technology

Dyson Airblade™ hand dryers utilize sensor technology. Engineered for a touch-free, hygienic user experience. These sensors are programmed to detect and automatically dry hands. So it allows users to maintain a distance between their hands and the machine.


Make bigger savings


Up to 99% less cost to run than paper towels, with up to 85% less CO2 emissions.5 Certified by the Carbon Trust, creating a better environment in your washrooms and the world outside.

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